revenge of the elder gods, or cotton candy brain


So, this is a photo of what the inside of my brain is filled with right now.

The house has been the victim of some sort of awful disease that can only be retribution from some elder god we have offended.

The wife-unit was infected first and though the attempt to avoid it was valiant (and gallons of hand sanitizer were used), but for most of the weekend I have been infected by this hell-spawned demon-illness.

Though on the good side, I have recovered all the data from my dead TeraStation and migrated it over to the new Synology Server. And I have confirmed all of the ripped DVDs made the transition and work (by manually opening each one and navigating from the menu to the actual movie). I have also sorted and named all of my images/notes I have created in Evernote for like the last year. Stupid manual repetitive stuff is about all I could do all weekend.

And, though I have not got much writing done this weekend, I have figured out one of my characters and think it really gets me unblocked for the rest of the work. I hope.


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