volcanoes of my youth


Image today is from the latest volcanic eruption in Iceland, though it could be from my childhood. You see, we moved to Oregon just after Mt. St. Helens blew it’s top. (Specifically Dayton, Oregon and we were moving from Columbus, Ohio. My dad had just finished his PhD.) And the number of mornings that looked like that are so common, I don’t think of it as anything odd. I remember going to school on the bus in ash as thick or thicker than that of this photo. Kind of the same way for some people a summer shower, a thunderstorm, or a light dusting of snow is soothing and reminiscent of childhood, volcanic ash clouds and day turned to night do that for me. Maybe, I do need help.

Moved my blog, from hosting at wordpress.com to a website I have more control over, technology-hates-you.com. WordPress.com does not allow me to do some plugins and other things I want (or might want) to do with this blog, so I moved all the posts I had and put them up here. Now, I really need to tell people about it, or at least tell a few people about it.

And in motivation news, I intend to enter a story into the second anthology for Machine of Death. (Heh, the submission guidelines say you can submit up to three. Yeah like I have time to write one, let alone three.)  All the stories share a concept: what if there was a machine, that from a blood test, could tell you how you were going to die. It being science fiction, usually in a ironic or in a twist sort of answer. But, the prediction is right and there is no way to avoid it. Kind of an old school science fiction idea (reminds me of Amazing Stories or Tales from the Crypt or Twilight Zone), but for what ever reason subverting it and making something interesting appealed to me. So, by July 15th my hope is to have a story in submitted. Kind of nice to have an external deadline. My story’s title is: NULL.

Got a charger for my iPhone that has an audio jack, so I can download and listen to all of my podcasts from my iPhone. The one downfall was that I had to unlock the phone and hit the pause icon, all at an odd angle on the phone. But, I found out that if I plug in my headphones and then plug the iPhone into the charger, the headphones still have control over the iPhone. So, basically if I leave my headphones plugged in, they become a short corded remote control, woot 1950’s tech.

Amazing gallery of movie posters, I could get lost in here for days:


This Saturday was Anna-Sophia’s first Ballet recital. Not that a 4-5 year-old ballet/tap combo class recital is where I expected that I would be spending my weekend, but you know, she got up there out on stage and danced her little bottom off. Though, the dance she did was unrelated to either the music or to the dances of any of the other little girls up there with her. She loved it and I was so proud she did it and had fun doing it.

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