Long weekend


Todays photo is again from englishrussia.com. It is a black and white photo that was later colored by hand. Pretty amazing effect.

Speaking of amazing things, you should watch this video of the abandoned Six-Flags New Orleans.

I am Austin for a couple of days, staying at the same hotel. This hotel was spiffy as hell when it opened, but it has a few years under its belt and it is starting to show. The computers for automated check-in/check-out are out of date, the furniture in the bar/lounge is a bit scuffed. And my favorite, the elevators have these plastic film over liquid things, like those old squishy stickers shaped like stars and dinosaurs, so they move when you step on them. But, the liquid is starting to evaporate and one has sprung a leak. So, they are really kind of decrepit and sad. That and the elevators have pads like they normally put in for move in day at the dorms. So, the spiffy hotel has these elevators that completely out of place.

Cracked my story. So, I am working on a story and had thought about telling it all as a series of reminiscences, but that way there was no real story or conflict. So, instead I am going to take the best 3 or so scenes and then have a story set in the present as a bookend that we return to between each memory. Makes the story tractable and something I could actually finish. Now all I need to do is write it.

Lola, the newest member of our family, is meshing well with the rest of us. We got the backyard fenced and now every evening we get the Lola show as our retired greyhound races around the yard, for about 30 seconds before she goes back to being a large oversized gopher. She has been digging herself holes in the back yard and loves to sit in them. This and the fact she wanders around the house with a large toy (or one of Anna-Sophia’s toys if she can get them) letting out a slight whine now and then. Yep, she is strange and fits right in.

Luke W. McCullough | lm3m @ msn.com | 06/09/2011 | the New House of Chaos, Arlington, MA

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