luke’s not dead

No yet, anyway.

Survived the snow, the heat, the earthquake and the hurricane (those last two in the last 10 days), so I figure short of lava or meteorite impact we should be good (and though they are my personal favorite, Arrakis style sandstorms with sandworms seen unlikely).

And if you have not seen it yet Luther from the BBC is one of my favorite new shows (and in a year with Justified and Fringe both getting better and Game of Thrones, this is saying a lot). It is Idris Elba (a.k.a. Stringer Bell from the Wire) as a driven police detective, moody and atmospheric the cast is great and Ruth Wilson plays an amazing character. Just give it a try.

Oh, yeah, we decided to get another dog. Because, really, once you have one, tall, gangly, lazy dog, why not get another? (Photos to follow) But, her name is Millie and she is a black/tan brindle greyhound (another rescue). And, other than needing more beds from Costco, we and she are adjusting to each other well.

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