Epic Western Trip Day 1 – Travel and Big Bertha

Late the night before

Getting an early start on the posts for this trip, especially given that tomorrow, the first real travel day, starts early and could be ‘exciting’. We fly, while wearing our KN95 mask (we have been preparing for this trip for some time now), from Boston, MA to Salt Lake City, UT. Then, we pick up our RV—which I will refer to as our hermetically sealed vehicle—and drive to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Later, after the flight and the drive

Yep, exciting.
Well, not that exciting. Though, if your idea of humor is three sleep deprived, brain-dead zombies trying to make dinner in the dark, then you missed some comedy gold.
The flight was uneventful. Leaving Boston there was less chance for a mask related issue or tantrum. With only two thirds of the plane available to be sold, Delta is not booking the middle seats, flight was delightful. Other than the mask. Now, not being a medical professional or adjacent to the medical profession, I have never worn a N95 mask, but I have heard people complain about them. The KN95 mask I wore for the whole flight was annoying and swampy, but no more than any other mask I have been wearing. It was still annoying enough to keep me from sleeping much. I have inherited a mild case of car-colepsy from my mother and cannot avoid nodding off for a bit anytime I am in a moving vehicle.

I did miss one bit of excitement, turns out that during a pandemic at least in the Boston area, you are screwed if you need a Lyft/Uber at 5 am. So, we had to make a mid-course adjustment. We had to drive the car to get to the airport before the cutoff for baggage drop-off, and also figure out where to park the car, as well. Pro-tip: Spot Hero does long term parking.

Between a nap, reading and a Groundhog Day related mini-film fest, Palm Springs (disappointing, but had moments) and Happy Death Day 2 U (much like the first one, more fun than a slasher/Groundhog Day movie should ever be, and actually built on the first one without destroying it), the flight disappeared for me.

Boston Logan Airport was all masks all the time, Salt Lake City Airport was a bit less, but still pretty good. As a bonus, we were able to find a Lyft out to where we were picking up the RV.

Before COVID-19 the idea of traveling around like a snail with its home on its back was a hard sell. But now, sounds like a great idea. Jodi was a wiz with the research and found a RV with a small size so we could park it most anywhere and still had a toilet and fridge, since to avoid most people we would cook a ton and not share facilities where we could avoid it.

Big Bertha

In all her glory

And after a thorough orientation we were off. First night was in Bryce Canyon. Though we got there late and re-learned the lesson that you need to start dinner before dark when camping.

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