My wife had this idea we should do something nice for the kid in her lunch each day. So, I have been writing a story for the kid. Each day I put in her lunch the next episode.  Sort of a page a day serial kids book.

And it is really fun. I usually take 5-10 min. after breakfast to hand-write the next episode. I write it using a fountain pen on a piece of normal paper, so I have to get it right the first time. I also have to write quickly and clearly, which is a challenge for me. And if I fail, the kid complains (yeah no lack of feedback on this project).

It is a nice start to the morning, clears out all the cobwebs and gets me off to a good start.

The story is a little bit crazy, so far it includes a thunderstorm in the bathroom and an incident where the title character both falls in and pulls the handle, heh. It is morphing, in my head, into a quest story with a dragon and a monkey (maybe even a dragon-monkey) and an adventure though a magical land.

I will collect them up at some point. See if I can find someone to draw them, maybe the kid herself.


And it leaves me humming ‘Weird’ Al’s Melanie all morning.

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