Futzing with my website

Rather than do something useful, I have yet again decided to futz with my website. Though it was sort of needed. An I have to say I am quite impressed with the website debugging/developing tools in Google Chrome. The Chrome Developer Tools allow you to look at every element on a web page, all of its properties and edit them as you would like. Pretty damn nice.

Things are progressing pretty well in my class, now I need them to put out the list for next term to see what I want to do there. I think I might take something with a bit different time commitment. Right now I have ten stories to read and critique and one of my own to write. Which leaves me with about no time to work on anything else. Have given up the idea of having the novel project done for Thanksgiving, think I might shoot for Valentines Day now, given the wasteland that exists after Thanksgiving until after New Years (wasteland in the sense of getting anything done other than the 5 major holidays, including 13+ people over for Thanksgiving with 3 racks of ribs and a full sized turkey to smoke and a trip to Puerto Rico for Christmas and New Years). But, I enjoy talking and spending time working through stories and being around people who will argue the finer points of story craft and plot, so I am intending to take another course down at Grub Street.

Luke W. McCullough
Arlington, MA
Freezing my tush off waiting for the Frankenstorm

p.s. The design aesthetic I was shooting for was minimal with most of the accents through typography. I wanted to use Futura, but it is not available on the PC and the substitute is Verdana, a font I have a love hate relationship with. So, instead I thought I would try out the latest in Web/Font technology and embed a font to be downloaded for my site. And what do you know, it works. This future is pretty cool. So, I am using Open Sans here as the main font, pretty readable and has a bit of a different look. I think the site serves it purpose and is not offensive to look at. A bit spartan, but that was what I was shooting for. Maybe I will add back in some color, but for now the black and white with red accents for links works for me.

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