Microfiction 0001

As the dust settled, Poe pulled herself up on one hand, and wiped off a trickle of blood moving from her mouth to her chin with the other.

“What is it with you anyway? First off the name, Lunacy. Give me a clue here. What are you going for? ‘I am crazy,’ something like that? I mean it worked for the Joker, but you just don’t have that deadly bat-shit crazy vibe”

Poe whipped out one foot and caught Lunacy behind the knees, off balance Lunacy hit hard when her knees were hit again.

“Maybe you are obsessed with the moon, could work. Mysterious and shit, but you don’t have any moons on your costume, and you don’t do moon related crimes in fact there is nothing moon related about you at all.”

Poe took a breath and rotated her arm around for a second, then shanking it out. Lunacy struggled to her feet.

“Think about the classics, I mean someone like Superman, or Batman. One is ‘Super’”, Poe said, supplying the air quotes. “And the other has a flying rodent fetish. Both are creepy, and both say ‘don’t fuck with me.’ That, or ‘I is a stunted man-child.’ Either way, like I said, creepy.”

Still in a prone position, Poe spit a glob of spit blood across the room, following it up with one fluid motion. Her leg swung back, around and then flew forward. On the height its arc Poe’s foot caught Lunacy full force upside the head. Lunacy’s head flew away pulling her body behind it like a streamer attached to a child’s ball. Lunacy flipped over as her head slammed into the ground with a solid crack. She did not get right up.

“Come on, even the home town boy, Stinger-Man. Him, I get… Well, bad example, maybe. He has a ‘I am like a giant insect or something.’-vibe. And his costume has a big wasp on it. Kind of a stretch, but you get where he is coming from.”

Grunting, Poe stood up. Never taking her eyes off of Lunacy’s prone form.

“ And anyway, even if you had the crazy or the moon thing going on, neither one really describes this out fit. Doc Martins? Did you get them on sale with a stack of flannels? Do they even make them any more after the whole grunge thing, maybe you robbed a Seattle Value Village? And the pink, mixed with bondage gear, really? You dress like a Hello Kitty dressed up like a bondage gimp and it is just not working for you.”

Luke W. McCullough | lm3m @ msn.com | 1/11/11 | Train from Boston, MA to New York, NY

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