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the long cold winter of my transportation

snow bannerfrom a picture by Wilfried Vogel

Cold Winter

Winter has arrived on the right coast. It really has not been all that cold for that long, but it feels a lot worse. For me this is because it was in the high 60’s and might have reached 70 in the past 3 weeks and the memory of warmth has not faded.


I am currently working in New York City (downtown, financial district, from my office windows I can watch the tourists do inappropriate things to the bull’s genitalia) and crashing at Anna-Sophia’s Auntie Missa’s apartment. While I have been out here, Jodi, Anna-Sophia and Nana have moved from our house in Seattle (almost sold, woot) into temporary housing in Marshfield, MA. In the last month I have flown from Seattle to New York twice, New York to Seattle once, New York to Boston once, and will be training it to Hartford, CT (to pickup my car) and then driving to Marshfield. I will be training it back to New York, simply to add some verity. Interestingly, I have yet to go through a pornoscanner, or even seen one in use and I was pretty sure having 5 laptops in a bag would be a pretty good reason to look closer at a traveler.

Personal Music Wiki

I have a really strange problem, I keep acquiring music that I have no idea where it came from or why I would want to listen to it. Either from a recommendation off a blog or from an infinite play of bands related to other bands and on and on (facilitated by the ability to download most anything I could need from my Zune pass.) So, I have started a tiddly-wiki to track music on. Though, it is somewhat limited since Chrome won’t edit it properly and I am hosting it on my local drive for now. But, lets me track where and why and if I liked a song. As a side-effect it is motivating me to delete music I download that turns out to suck.

Bad Ideas

Wanna know a bad idea? Here it is: Use the same easy to remember username/password combo on as many websites as possible. That way when one of them gets hacked, you have to scramble to changes passwords on every site you use. Thanks Gawker, first you fill up my google reader with tons of mediocre at best posts all day long, then you get yourself hacked and expose my data all over the net. Thanks for reminding me that security is a personal problem, not just a company problem.

Kid Anecdote Corner

The other day, Anna-Sophia was watching the Craig Ferguson Dr. Who cold open over Jodi’s shoulder when she jumped up and said:

I want to be Dr. How!