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finding a new motto

Tunnel trafficDriving in Boston has helped me come up with a new motto. I have been stuck in an overly introspective mood of late and after dropping Jodi off at the train station this morning, I finally figured out why I don’t get driving in Boston: I drive defensively, to a point where I not only react to the cars that are there, but also the cars (and pedestrians and etc.) that could be there. Boston drivers don’t, they don’t seem to react to those cars, they block intersection and make decisions based on the cars that ARE there. Thinking about about it on the way home, I can see issues with both, Boston drivers are much more likely to generate gridlock or cause problems for pedestrians, but taken to the logical endpoint driving like I do, you would get stuck in the driveway. And I guess that I what I am trying to say when I think: “don’t worry about the cars that are not there”. Not so much a schizophrenic way, but one where I am only worrying about what is at hand, and what I can see. For some things at least.

and thus:

Don’t worry about the possible cars.

Luke W. McCullough, after driving in Boston. October, 2011.

It makes me sad that DC decided that the 90’s comics and not their own Sandman is the basis for their “New 52” experiment.

Need to finish some of my stories. The editing phase is painful. Taking that nugget of ideastuff and turning it into something worthwhile and that communicates that great whatever that pushed the impulse to write it. But, figuring out how and what you can do to a proto-story and not kill its soul, is hard and not always painless for writer. But, I am pushing on through. Gotta get them done.

and oh the quality of American higher education, what a wasteland. Or I should say, sad how far the distance between professional and academic pursuits at least in the computer science world.

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I might be a bad person

anna-sophia comic 001

Some days, the fact that my daughter loves to watch Mythbusters with me is about as good as it gets. Doing something right.

A long time ago I used to argue about ideals with a friend of mine. Not so much the ideals of right and wrong, but what your ideal mate would be or your ideal job. She would always argue that you are settling or denying yourself if you don’t hold out for your ideal whatever. I would always argue that you perception of an ideal was broken since if you did not experience or spend time with people you could never know what you ideal was. And in the end you would just end up with someone who was completely like yourself (since most people who have hard and fast ideals tend to see themselves, intentionally or not, as ideal), and you would probably end up killing them.

Though on the other end of things, I do feel like I don’t spend enough time working out what I really want, less ideals and more dreams, what would I like to achieve, what would I like to do?

Good thing I am still a kid and not a grown up yet, where it would matter if I had a direction or course I was trying to plot…

Quote of the week:

“The constancy
of the speed of light essentially underpins our
understanding of space and time and causality,” said
Oxford University’s head of particle theory. “If we do
not have causality, we are buggered.”

Yep, sounds about right.

Typhoon Kills At Least 12 As It Pounds Philippines

@nprnews tweet

My only thought when I saw the above tweet was doesn’t the typhoon have to kill 16 to “pound” the Philippines?

The image with this post was made in COMICBOOK!


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