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iphone map/contact fail

So, we are heading to Paris (woot) and as my part I am collecting a list of places (cafes, buildings, bookstores, etc.) that I would like to see.

So, as I read about one in a book, or online, I drop a bookmark into the iPhone map app on my work phone.

  • Quirk 1: bookmarked places in the map app are not automatically contacts (uh, odd, but O.K.)

So, I go through and add each place to my contacts.

  • Quirk 2: when you save a bookmark, the title of the place (either auto-generated when you search or custom added when you created the bookmark from an address) is lost in the maps app, but shows up on the contact. Basically, when you create a contact from a map bookmark, the name is removed from the bookmark and added to the contact.

Now, I have a dozen addresses with no labels and a bunch of contacts that do. All O.K., since the goal here is the contacts. I need them in the contacts, because I am not taking my work phone, but my old iPhone now unlocked.

I pull up the contacts on the old iPhone and…huh? The contacts are empty other than the web address, if any. Now, WTF? I go look at them in gmail and they are the same. Finally I go in an edit (move the phone number to the work number rather than the default) one of the moved over map contacts. BOOM. The number, but not the address, shows up in the contact, both in gmail and old iPhone. Move the address to the work category and there it is as well.

  • Bug: Details about contacts created from map favorites don’t show up unless you edit the details.

Basically, if you create a map bookmark, it should be a contact with full details. This whole scenario is busted.

Luke W. McCullough | 03.30.2012 | lukaswm @ gmail | the New House of Chaos, Arlington, MA