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Last Chance Salon Podcast

The Last Chance Salon Podcast is live!

My friend Shiri (@SWSondheimer) and I had been talking about doing a podcast for a while now, and we finally decided to get off our duffs and get it recorded.

The first episode has been posted and we have more in the can. We will be posting new episodes every couple of weeks.

The podcast is us discussing books, movies, TV (all with a science fiction/fantasy bent) and the art and craft of writing (again with a genre flavor). We cover those subjects, and anything else we digress into along the way or feel like talking about. Side note, if you have any ideas, please feel free to send them our way.

As a warning the podcast is not terribly explicit, even though it is labeled as such. And, since we are both parents of young children (me of one, Shiri of two) and the podcast gives us the ability to talk like adults. So, you might catch us using adult language and/or discussing adult subjects. So, if the kids are around or you are of a sensitive nature take appropriate actions when listening (censor, grab for the volume knob, whatever works for you).


Direct feed: 


Twitter: @LastChancePod



My wife had this idea we should do something nice for the kid in her lunch each day. So, I have been writing a story for the kid. Each day I put in her lunch the next episode.  Sort of a page a day serial kids book.

And it is really fun. I usually take 5-10 min. after breakfast to hand-write the next episode. I write it using a fountain pen on a piece of normal paper, so I have to get it right the first time. I also have to write quickly and clearly, which is a challenge for me. And if I fail, the kid complains (yeah no lack of feedback on this project).

It is a nice start to the morning, clears out all the cobwebs and gets me off to a good start.

The story is a little bit crazy, so far it includes a thunderstorm in the bathroom and an incident where the title character both falls in and pulls the handle, heh. It is morphing, in my head, into a quest story with a dragon and a monkey (maybe even a dragon-monkey) and an adventure though a magical land.

I will collect them up at some point. See if I can find someone to draw them, maybe the kid herself.


And it leaves me humming ‘Weird’ Al’s Melanie all morning.