Hermes is down

IMG_2187So my new (old) typewriter is down, ribbon broke. I am actually pretty sad about this, because I have really come to enjoy the process of writing on the beast. I usually write directly into the computer or into notebooks. When writing on the computer things like spell check, the internet, games, compiling some program I downloaded last week, tend to distract me. While writing in notebooks is an exercise in frustration. I am gifted with an illegible chicken-scratch for handwriting and most of the pages I write down are worthless. (Ever wish you were British so you could pull off using rubbish in a sentence without sounding like a poser? I do.)
And after an argument with one of my classmates in my last class about the value of a typewriter, and if it really is that different than computer or app on the phone writing, the bug got into my head, I really wanted a typewriter. My wife mocked me all fall about this, and I kept putting off looking into getting one. And then just after my birthday, low and behold my wife got me a typewriter, she said it was a started and we could look at upgrading if I ended up liking it. This might not happen, for two reasons, I like the typewriter and it has a cute little quirk, rather than a normal Courier style serif font (e.g. Like this example) it has a geometric sans serif font (e.g. Like this, note the ‘a’), which being a closet font fetishist I have always loved a good geometric sans serif font. So, I believe a trip down to the local typewriter shop (yes, there actually is one, I love Arlington) is in order to get my Hermes 3000 all fixed up. And maybe someday I will talk the wife into getting another one (I am thinking a portable, they have a Hermes model called the baby…)

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