Fixed My Comic Collection Webpage

A month back I noticed that upgrades on the server that hosted my comic book collection webpage had made some upgrades that broke  my webpage. (What you don’t have a webpage for your comic book collection? Why not?)

My comic book webpage was an experiment in learning ruby, rails, modern web design, css, sqlite (and now mysql) database usage, Amazon S3 (cloud storage) and a host of other things. And the previous version was a bit rickety and barely kept working. So, the fact an upgrade broke it was not really all the surprising. I took the breakage to allow me to update the database (from sqlite to mysql) and get the hosting people to install a bunch of components that I needed rather than installing them locally in my account.

It is all up and running now. Woot.

In other technical debt that needed to be paid I also finally worked out how to get all my data off my old dead server. We used to have a Buffalo TeraStation that kicked the bucket, it had 5 years worth of ripped DVDs both my own and from Netflix that I never got around to watching, along with some other files and stuff. But, to get the data off I had to find a way to get all 4 hard drives (all IDE drives) mounted on one machine…


Currently working on day two of the recovery. Note the zip tie, that is there to keep the cage with 4 hard drives from falling into the processor fan, again.

I had a break through on my current writing project, one of my characters finally worked himself out. Had him pretty well fleshed out, but there was one aspect of his motivation that was missing and finally congealed overnight.

And everyone here is sick. Fun weekend.



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