new (to me) music

I have bought several CDs over the last couple days (yes, I am old and still like to buy CDs).

I listen to a ton of stuff off podcasts, soundcloud, and other places, but I find very little of it motivates me to buy a CD (or download) the way that a new album from a band that I have some affection for does. I wonder is it simply me falling in the trap of nostalgia or are there fewer bands making those iconic albums. Maybe, I am just not hearing the right ones.

One bright spot has been a newer feature from Amazon where they give you access to the digital copy of the CD as soon as you buy the physical one. They call it “auto-rip” or some shitty marketing name like that, but the end result rocks. I get the CD to enjoy when I want to and I get the music right freaking now, no waiting.

Here are my reviews (done in short hand so they will only make sense to people who already know who the bands are, because that seems the style of music reviews anymore):

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – about what you would expect, sadly. Not an epic, blow your socks off album (see Murder Ballads or Let Love In), but a solid album from a great artist and band.

How to Destroy Angels – Interesting, continuing the work they did on the EPs though…
OK, I need to stop this review right here. I have something I need to say. Though this album is pretty good, but it is not NIN. It has more Trent vocals than the preceding two EPs and is completely listenable and enjoyable. BUT, IT IS NOT F’ing NIN, dammit.
It is interesting to hear Trent’s music with another singing, especially a woman voice.

David Bowie – Still waiting on this one. From the listens on iTunes, more Hours than Heathen, and Heathen is my favorite of the post-Outside albums. But, I like this new one, so far.

Dead Can Dance – Came out in August, and I some how missed it. Makes me said I have not been listening to it since. More good DCD, and not like Spiritchaser (their last disappointing album).

Look I even put some notes in there, guess I don’t have what it takes to be a music reviewer…


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