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Your science makes my story uninteresting.

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Working at home may drive me batty, but on days where I can go out and get a fresh mango and chop it up in my own kitchen it is pretty cool.

And, since the city came out and fixed out water, I can now wash my hands while the dishwasher (or toilet) fills. Sadly, that was not true before. (First world problem I know, but it was my first world problem.)

I look at the occupy wall street protests and feel like they are a mirror rather than a movement. I see people pushing their own ideals and views upon them. Not that I think there is much to the protests, seems like the protest done by children brought up in a world where you honor the dead by stacking flowers in great gross piles, minimal effort and picturesque for a bit, but in the end just making a bunch of work and not really changing anything or requiring any commitment. But, is that my own thoughts on my generation (generations? the generations after me, and maybe one or two before mine) in general. But, maybe that is the point of the these protests to just spur on the conversation.

Maybe events, as opposed to revolutions, are like that. They exist and then rather the event being what everyone remembers, the changes it enacted is the the stuff of the revolutions. They are wholly of what ever people remember them as. {As a side note, I wrote this originally a few days after the whole Occupy movement started, before had walked through Occupy Wall Street and before things like the Oakland and NY crackdowns started, I think my assessment is still valid.}

How does this all tie into finding infinity?

Well, infinity is the idea of everything, something that goes on forever, something that is all encompassing. But, from math, there are different sizes of infinity, or not all infinities are the same. (My favorite example of this is this: the whole numbers are infinite, they go on forever. No matter how big the number is, you can always add one and have another. And, the real numbers between 0 and 1 {e.g. .1, .2, .3, .4} are infinite as well. But, there is not a single number in both sets, both go on forever, and yet, they share no values.

That is how I think about life. About what it means to be happy. No two people are going to have the same set of things that make them fulfilled (I avoid happy, since that word has a lot of baggage), and for one person it could be something huge, being president, changing the world. For another it could be something simple, a piece of work, a painting or a career. But, for each person, there is that thing, those things, that set of things that is everything for a person. Their infinity. And, those who are lucky or word really hard can figure out what their infinity is and work towards it.

The example I think about, is a grain of sand and all the sand on the beach. One person looks at the grain of sand and could spend a whole lifetime looking at the grain, figuring it out, tearing it apart, coming to understand that single grain. While, another person could do the same with all the sand on the beach, looking the differences, each grain, what else is on the beach. And yet, each person has found something that completes them and leaves them fulfilled.

They both have found their infinity, even though the scope and the nature of their infinities are almost completely different.

And, that is what I hope for, what I continue to do to search for, my infinity, some parts of my infinite set I have found, being a husband and father, but there is more that I want to do, need to complete, things I need change, make better, in myself and the world around me.

And the new twist I have been thinking about is that infinity might also describe the journey. That instead of something you find and poof you are content, happy, what will you, finding your infinity could mean simply finding you starting point. You have identified the direction you want to travel, not a destination but simply the path.

Don’t know if there is a complete thought in there. But, maybe there will be someday.

Some days I feel like I have a little girl who we might not be on the same planet, let alone related, those all pink, princess days, where she tells me she know who Justin Beiber is (thanks ballet class, arrrgh ballet class?).

Then other days, like when we put together a imported Japanese robot (direction all in Japanese) who stands himself up. And then order tickets to go see the Mythbusters live, well those days kick ass.

here is video of Stompy (what she named the robot) in action:

In an attempt to organize my comics, I am labeling each box not with a name or number, but a QR code. This, thanks to, allows me to link each box to its own webpage and easily get there by scanning the code on the box. I have my own domain ( with hosting provided which gives me an affordable solution with shell access and the ability to host my own websites and this wordpress install. PC version of Comic Collectorz lets me keep track of the comics and download the covers, etc. I export that data about each box (sadly the Mac does not export to html, yet. But, they appear to be working on it) and put it on a webpage.

So, an overview of sorting my comics as it stands today:

  1. Sort box and add comics to Collectorz
  2. Generate a new QR code and link for the box
  3. Export the details of the box
  4. Upload the exported data for the box
  5. Print out the QR code and tape it to the box

And, then eventually, I can find and sort and read my comics.

In the future I maybe even able to search the boxes remotely from a store or the con…

here is a link to the list of boxes I have done: Luke’s Comics

(though the page is a bit sparse and the layout/design of the actual comic pages is a bit garish, I will get to those eventually.)

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