Quick Review: Harvest 1-5 (Image 2012-2013)

Interesting premise pulled off pretty well: A surgeon gets caught up in high priced organ theft and transplant, after he himself is caught accidentally killing people while high. The doctor is a lot more, and less (at least in the sanity category), then he first appears.

Feels like this series was setting up for more, but got cut short and ended at issue 5. Which is the story of pretty much everything I like. Though I am used to this happening more often for TV than comics. I mean, WHERE IS THE SECOND SEASON OF STUDIO 60? Dammit.

The art is good, though it really is strange to see new (or at least new to me) artists who feel like they have Sean Phillips as an influence. In my mind Sean Phillips is a indie figure, but I forget he has had some major work (read big 2 comic book companies) and with the success of things like Criminal and Fatale, he is pretty well known.

Verdict: Pick up in the quarter bins or half-price trades. Would love to see more.

(edited 8/5/2013)

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