Comic Collection

Lukas’ Amazingly Overdesigned and Overbuilt Comics Database

In an attempt to organize my comics, I am labeling each box not with a name or number, but a QR code. This, thanks to, allows me to link each box to its own webpage and easily get there by scanning the code on the box. I have my own domain ( with hosting provided by which gives me an affordable solution with shell access and the ability to host my own websites and this wordpress install. PC version of Comic Collectorz lets me keep track of the comics and download the covers, etc. I export that data about each box (sadly the Mac does not export to html, yet. But, they appear to be working on it) and put it on a webpage.

So, an overview of sorting my comics as it stands today:

  1. Sort box and add comics to Collectorz
  2. Generate a new QR code and link for the box
  3. Export the details of the box
  4. Upload the exported data for the box
  5. Print out the QR code and tape it to the box
And, then eventually, I can find and sort and read my comics.
In the future I maybe even able to search the boxes remotely from a store or the con…
here is a link to the list of boxes I have done: Luke’s Comics
(though the page is a bit sparse and the layout/design of the actual comic pages is a bit garish, I will get to those eventually.)